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Pooh Corner Chihuahuas Testimonials

"Pooh Corner Chihuahuas are great dogs! Very social! "Smudge" (Roo x Blue) is a registered therapy dog. Saw 9 patients today: 7 of those were in the ICU." - Leslie H., MD

"Thor" (Roo x Susan) has a wonderful lineage, temperament, structure, and best of all, breeder! Thor has a great amount of spunk and he is so funny....and very smart. He is amazing around my Corgi and German Shepherd and they are wonderful with him."
Brandi M., MD.

"I have a fabulous little Chi I acquired through Molly. "Tia" is very pretty, sound, and of correct size.....and super smart. I never expected to enjoy training my Chi more than my Border Collies!" Wendy J., PA.

"I just picked up my Chi baby and she is a delight! So happy I found Pooh Corner Chihuahuas to purchase my new baby girl, "Lucy"! (Roo x Ebony)". Carlene B., PA.

"I have a Chi from Molly! Super smart, confident, outgoing. Crazy drive for food. Loves doing tricks. "Stitch" (Hercules x Cinder) is full of life and personality. She pals around with my German Shepherds! I couldn't have asked for a better little dog!" Amanda H., PA.
"I have met some of the most awesome Chihuahuas in the last few weeks. What did they have in common? They were all from Pooh Corner Chihuahuas. I can't wait until I get one of my own!" Crysta T., PA.

"I believe the breeders at Pooh Corner Chihuahuas saved my life! My husband is dying and my twin chihuahuas recently passed. My vet told me to get a Chi ASAP....a puppy. I found your picture of my dream Chihuahua. I sold my old jewelry and bought my "Manny" (Roo x Cinder). He is everything I could hope for and I got to meet his dad and mom! I got the dog of my heart....a very special purebred. Everyone was helpful and caring. You can trust Pooh Corner breeders. Their service gave me a new lease on life at 72 years old!" Mary Ann M., N.Y.

"Coffee Bean/Topolina (Ferrari x Ebony) is very confident and social! My daughter and I adore her addition to our family! :) Thank you so much!" Karen W., N.J.

"Boy are we in LOVE! Mica (Roo x Luna) is friendly, happy and inquisitive. She is so welcoming to everyone and the kids are crazy about her, too. She seeks out the pee pads which are all over the house! I work on my husband daily to open our home to other Mica relatives!" Lauren B., N.J.

"We all love Chocolatte/Amante (Ferrari x Ebony), who has fit right into our home! He is extremely friendly, confident, and is great with the kids!" Alison W., DE

"Karan/Macie (Rocky x Lottie) is amazing! She napped in her car seat on the way home to TN. She used the potty pad in the back of the SUV for the first time! She is so loving and well adjusted. Thanks again!" Tina P., TN