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Pooh Corner Chihuahuas Video Library

"Pasha, Paco, and Piper in the Pen";

Lottie x Roo pups; Pasha (light brindle), Paco (reverse dark brindle),
Piper (black tricolor), 7 weeks old;

"Porsche, Platinum, Lapis and Gucci in the Garden";

Porsche, (Dark brindle, Ebony x Roo female, 17 weeks old);
Platinum, (Dark blue/white, Skittles x Rocky male, 13 weeks old);
Lapis, (Dark blue, Skittles x Rocky female, 13 weeks old);
Gucci, (Merle, Gypsy x Rocky male, 11.5 weeks);

"Snickers and Lexus Playing"

Snickers, (Black tri with brindle points, Cinder x Corky male, 5 1/3
months); Lexus, (chocolate sable, Luna x Corky female, 10 months, our